Dr. Rappaport is a warm and engaging clinician who brings a blessedly sharp clinical eye to individual, couple, child and adolescent difficulties. She has been helpful to all members of my immediate family over the years.

I value her availability and her steadfast commitment to me and to my children over the years. She has been invaluable during crises and has had a steady, clinically competent hand through my medical and addiction challenges.

Dr. Rappaport has helped me develop skills to see problems with a clearer eye and increased confidence to move through each day with greater personal happiness.

Dr. Rappaport has a diverse private practice in Cambridge where she works with families, adolescents, college students, and adults, providing therapy and medication consultation.

She practices strength-based, attachment-informed therapy that draws on various therapeutic modalities, based on a strong belief in the transformative potential of a caring, safe relationship to improve function and allow us to grow.

Dr. Rappaport also provides consultation to families with children struggling in school.